Very nice! Hope you enjoy your new bag! ,

Congrats! Your pupply is so cute & I love your Neverfull. Also your picture makes me want a Tivoli GM now LOL

,If you get the L in Coquille we can be Mahina sisters! ,

the totally mm sounds perfect for you!

,I don't have a problem with the straps.. my shoulders are narrow so I actually like that they stay on my shoulder.. I love my NF .. I have it in mono ..go for it ! louis vuitton handbag,happy birthday! love your collection! ,

So I got the Trevi but I decided not to keep it. I really really want to love it but it is just toooo heavy for me :( I tried it so many times at home, rotated it on my arms, on my shoulders... it's just not as light as easy as my speedy. I was so disappointed coz it's so gorgeous and I really want to own another Damier bag other than my Saleya. Now just patiently waiting for the DB Speedy 30 back to the stock on LV website... louis vuitton www


Does anyone know when the neverfull MM will be back in stock. Hubby offered to get me one for xmas but I cant find it anywhere! gucci mane lyrics


I've never been a fan of the Denim line. lv vuitton

, forgot to tell you all about this. The day my mom and I went shopping we were nearly crushed by some crazy person! I parked by NM inside parking. We were at my trunk putting our purchases inside when I turned just in time to push my mother out of the way. This woman backed up without looking and had I not pounded on her window really fast, she would have hit me lv www com,

Next one.... any guesses?! louis vuitton cheap


Ooh pretty! gucci men


have one of those 'faces' - if I don't make a conscious effort to smile, my face settles into a real sourpuss look. LV


Congratulations!!! BH was my first bag too enjoy your new beauty louis vuitton outlet

,Palermo PM LV.
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