Projects 2008 & 2009 & 2010


Jan Laan brings 750 euro to Ghorepani in November 2008 to make some more rooms in the Healthpost. Also he is doingt things for Save Drinking water and the project Save the Jungle (Hydro electric power) with the local people and starts to upgrade Ghorepani by trekking, with the help of horses!!

• Toiletbuilding at Belsischool, NP en Impulsis. Realised in May 2008.
• Meetinghall for 250 children in Belsi, after school extra teaching and for the woman special training. This question came from 80 families through the woman-group. Ready in March 2008. The Belsi woman were nominated by the Nepal Government and received 3000 euro.
• Save Sauraha (dike project). Dike number 4 to protect Sauraha in monsoon time and all people near river Rapti for flooding is ready. There is now more reclaimed land. This is probably the last dike sponsored bij Nepal Pariwar. Four organisations have paid this dike, also the local government. Contribution each 1000 euro. Ready June 2008.
• Jhuwani High Secondary School. Four new classrooms. Some classes with more than 90 students. Two classrooms paid by school. Two paid by Nepal Pariwar. The community wants to upgrade the school to class 12, so students can finish their school in same village and it is not necessary to travel hours to school in Tadi Bazar. Last year two students died, because of an accident with a truck on the Highway and one student was attacked by a rhino. But after 8 months of thinking the Jhuwani could not give boardmember Jan Laan a garanty for upgrading. June 2008 Jan Laan cancelled this project and gave the Bachhauli Secondery school and the Shree Malpurschool the possibility to build 4 classrooms. March 2009 this will be ready.
• Shree Malpur Lower Secondery School (Sauraha), twoclassrooms upgrading toclass 9 and 10 (Highschool). Salary teachers paid by VDC. Better management in March. If not than no more help in future. Toiletgebouw from SIFVN.
• Sponsoring 22 students for Shree Malpurschool. Same as the Kaparkhori school. Costs per student 50 euro (school fee, uniform, paper, books, examinations) a year for maximum 8 years. School makes criteria. For children who's parents have no money.
• Bed Prasad, a blind student has been sponsored by Jan and Janny de Jong till 2006. Jan and Janny were in Nepal in 2002 with Jan Laan . Bed Prasad is now teacher in the school for the blind. Two other clever students are in class 10. And we hope they can both go to Kathmandu for study. There are already two sponsors for them.
• Material for the school for the blind. They need 3 braille typewriters, and if possible a computer with Jaws (speaking PC). Speaking computer realized June 2007. We need one more. In 2008 3 more braille typewriters..
• (sub) Healthpost needs microscope, HB meter, colorimeter, testubes and centrifuge. With money of a sponsor in May 2008 we have bought these medical things.
• Trainingcentre for Blind and low vision. After finishing the school, there is no future for the blind. With a training and skilling centre we hope to give them a job. This is a new project and can start May 2009, if we have enough money from sponsors. Nepal Pariwar needs 31.000 euro. The coφrdination and research is in the hands of Jan Laan. This centre is not only for children but also for adults as well.
• Computer for CEN. Jan Laan brought in 2007 a computer for Orphan children home CEN. This is also for training in school, but also one can play games at the computer.
• Shree Sarbodaya Seconderyschool in Tatopani. School ask for money for wood for schoolbanks, microscopes and library and books. In August 2008 they were asking for books. On my question what kind of books there was no reply.
• Football and volleybal for Chitwan en Tasheeling Camp Pokhara. Realised nov 2007. T-shirts for camp March 2009 (Jan Laan).
• Laptop with printer Mohanaschool.
• Laptop, microscopes and books Shree Bhagawatischool (Tirkhedunga).
• Laptop Malpurschool (Sauraha).
• New computers Kaparkhorischool (Ratnanagar).
• New speach computer and screen School for  the Blind, braille typewriters and geometrical study material.
• Bandages and first aid materials Bachhauli Hospitaal, Healtpost Ghorapani and Tibethan Refugee Camp Pokhara.
• 3 new classrooms Shree Malpur school 2009.
• 2 new classrooms Bachhauli Seconderyschool 2009.
• Realisation trainings center Bachhauli Womangroupe 2009.
• Realisation trainings center Ujjwal Womangroupe 2009.
• Realisation new Healthpost in Ghorapani October 2009.
• Start Save Drinking Waterproject in Ghorepani 2010.
• Building of a training- and schooling center for the blind and people with poor eye sight 2010.


Help the Belsi school in Chitwan

The pictures of 2006 are below, click here for the 2007 pictures.

Click here for the 2008 pictures (part one) and click here for part 2.

The Belsi school is school for the smaller children (till about 12 years of age). Three of the buildings are in good condition, but 1 is in a very bad condition (tears in the walls, a leaking roof, (too) small windows, and so on) so lessons in this building are not possible. The building has go and if possible NOW. At this moment, if the weather is good, the lessons are outside. We ask for your help for building a three class-room building for which we need about 8000 Euros; 2000 are paid by the community, mostly poor farmers without land of their own. They think it is important that their children go to school. The Nepalese government doesn't help the school, that is why they asked the foundation for help.

Your donation is welcome: contact Jan Laan for more information.

In January 2007 the building started, but we also want to replace the toilet building and we want to realize a place for the people to meet (in the village). The students can be tutored there and they can play.