Save Sauraha


Help the people of Sauraha (Chitwan)

Sauraha is the most important village in Chitwan and it offers the entrance to the Royal Chitwan National Parc. From the year 1994 the area next to the Rapti river floods regularly during the monsoon.

In 2001 the water was about 2 meters high on a lot of places in Sauraha, which caused a lot of damage. From Sauraha a lot ot tourist visit the Royal Chitwan National Park. In this park (which is as large at the province Utrecht), live a lot of species, like tigers, rhino's, bears, 4 kinds of dear but also smaller mammals like monkeys. It is also the habitat of different kinds of snakes and crocodiles, among which the almost extinct gharial. Next to that the park is famous for its 500 kinds of birds.

In 2004 Sauraha flooded again... The run of the river has now changed in a way that Sauraha is in immediate danger. By building a long brick dam we can prevent Sauraha from flooding again, but for that we need money...

Nepal Pariwar in Jelsum is working to realize the dam, together with 3 Nepales organizations (among them Save Sauraha). We are convinced that with the disappearance of Sauraha will cause the Royal Chitwan National Park to dissappear too. No tourists, no income to maintain the parc, it is as simple as that. This also goes for the people of Sauraha (about 33.000 inhabitants). They also depend on the tourism in Sauraha. In the mean time 3 dams are realized, but we need to realize a lot more.

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On behalf of the foundation Nepal Pariwar: danayabad (thank you). Click here for the 2008 pictures.