Building of the new Healthpost Ghorepani.


2 classrooms of the Malpurschool (bij Sauraha) almost ready.


Puja of the Ujjwal Vrouwengroep (1700 members).


The first stone for a trainings centre at the Ujjwal Women Group is laid by Jan Laan .


Computer and printer for  the Kaparkhorischool.


Laptop for the Mohanaschool .


Laserprinter for the Mohanaschool.


2 classrooms for the Bachhaulischool.


A new speach computer for the School for the blind (left Bed Batterai, teacher, and richt the new teacher and chairman of the school.


Laxman Purrie who became blind 10 years ago and who is now "businessman". He helps us with the training.

Captain (major) Pun with a new project for Save Drinking water in Ghorepani. All plastic bottles with mineral water will be forbidden when the system is ready (december 2009).