Fall 2009


The new Healthpost in Ghorepani.


Binu Thapa, our nurse in Ghorepani.


Sun down on the Annapurna South (to the right), about 7000 metres high and about 20 kilometres far.


Shree Bagawatischool in Tirkhedunga get laptop, microscopes and books.


Three ladies for a check up at the het free Eyecamp in our Healthpost in Chitwan.


New trainings center for the Bachhauli Womangroup (first floor).


3 new classrooms for the Malpurschool Sauraha (over 800 students).


Laptop for the Shree Malpur school.


2 blind students  (Saroj en Sita) can go to classes 11 and 12, thanks to contributions from 2 sponsors.


Women group Belci in front of their new building.


Shree Bhagawatischool 1 of the 3 new classrooms.


Shree Bhagawatischool 1 of the 3 new classrooms.


2 new computers for the Kaparkhorischool.


Ram with flowers.


A new 19 inch LCD scherm for the speach computer voor the blind.


Even with an eye check up the mobile pops up. The doctor waits a while :-).


Blind man makes candles.


Opening of the new trainings center and office for the Ujjwal Womangroupe (1700 members).


The building is almost ready...


Luckily only 30 ladies (of the 1700) came for the opening, sigh...


Ram's parents.


This talented young man will be sponsored by Jan for a period of 2 years. Not long ago his dad died and the eldest brother neede to stop studying because he had to earn the living for the family. But this is not going to happen for this boy.


The most important meeting of this trip: start of the building of the Trainings and Education Center for the blind and those with poor eye-sight.


Captain (major) Pun with a new project for Save Drinking water in Ghorepani. All plastic bottles with mineral water will be forbidden when the system is ready (december 2009).