Nepal,  a magnificent country.

Nepal is a country in Asia and its neighbors are India and China. The capital of this monarchy is Kathmandu, which is a metropolis where about 1.000.000 Nepalese people greet the day. A lot of people do not know much about Nepal. But maybe... a lot of people will know the Himalaya. Nepal is the home of the highest mountain in the world: the Mount Everest or - as the Nepalese call her - Sagarmatha, mother goddess of the earth. The dream of every alpinist. Sagarmatha has greeted a lot of people, but took some of them also.



Jan Laan, the owner of this site, is a regular visitor of Nepal since 1983 and has been there 29 times. For people that are interested Jan organizes trips; every year in February he travels to Nepal with a group and visits the different projects, during a 3 week trip.

In the fall Jan always visits the rounded projects and when the local people ask this he takes project applications with him to the Netherlands; in a later stadium these applications are judged by the foundation Nepal Pariwar.